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 Angela Foster, President
Member Since 2014

Angela, originally from Buffalo, NY. resides in Houston, Texas. Has worked as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines for 30 years. Along with traveling, Angela loves to entertain, cook, dance and watch the Buffalo Bills! Has been attending NBS summits since 1994 and a Sugar and Spice member since 2014. Angela has held the office of SASS President  for 2 terms and has been the NBS Eastern Region Summerfest chairperson for 4 years. "my vision for Sugar and Spice Snow and Social Club Inc. is simply to advance the club forward, develop a strong youth program and enjoy every ski season!"

Myra Hitchens, Vice-President
Member Since


Toya Burns, Treasurer
Member Since,

Toya Burns, currently serving as President, has been with Sugar & Spice Snow and Social Club since it was incorporated.  She previously served as Financial Secretary for the Club. Ms. Burns resides in the Washington Metropolitan area, and her interests include skiing (of course!), SCUBA diving, travel, and tennis. 

Erin Jackson , Financial Secretary
Member Since,

Keisha Smith, SecretaryMember Since,

Tia Norman. Membership Director
Member Since, 

Ara Watkins, Events Director
Member Since,

Ouida Brown, Racing Director
Member Since, 

Barbara Haggerty, Youth Director
Member Since, 

London Watkins, Marketing Director
Member Since, 

Angela Lewis, WebmasterMember Since, 2010

Beverly Fields, ParliamentarianMember Since, 

Nominating Committee Chairman
Member Since 1999

Debra has been an active member of the NBS since 1999 and became a member of Sugar & Spice in 2012. She is a skiing and cycling enthusiast. Debra currently serves as the Sugar and Spice Nominating Committee Chairman. Her favorite club trips are Early Season Warm Up and the Summit.  Debra resides in Maryland and works for the Federal Aviation Administration as an Emergency Operations Manager.

Dr. Lauren Simmons, Emeritus
SASS Founder

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